What our clients say...

Client Testimonials

  • “Andrew helped me achieve my objectives in the highly successful sale of my company. Because this type of transaction was completely out of my realm of experience, Andrew continually offered valuable insight into what lay ahead. His deep experience and sound advice enabled me to define my personal objectives upfront, engage the right advisors and ensure they were operating at their highest level throughout the process. He was an insightful sounding board and was of great personal support to me. His coaching helped to keep me personally as well as the entire process on track. Without his expertise, the outcome of the transaction would have been substantially different. His fees were recovered many times over through his valuable contributions. I would highly recommend other business owners engage Andrew as they consider and then execute upon their own strategic options.”

    Norm Danniels Founder & CEO of Body Plus
  • “Andrew has been an invaluable and trusted advisor to our company in a number of mission critical areas of our growth such as lender relationships and opportunistic transactions like our recent acquisition of the TD Home Improvement financing division.”

    Michael Garrity Founder & CEO- Financeit
  • “Andrew’s valuable advice enabled Dream Payments to secure a highly strategic investment from a prominent North American financial services firm.  He helped us develop our value proposition, refine our messaging, identify and access key-decision makers, and provide the rationale for the potential investors to support an investment in Dream.  Andrew is wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend him to any FinTech startups that are seeking to raise capital.” 

    Brent Ho-Young Founder & CEO- Dream Payments
  • "White Point Capital unlocked for Concentra, without a competitive process, a large and high quality loan portfolio from TD Bank which enabled us to diversify into an attractive and complementary new asset class and advance our strategy three years ahead of plan. This transaction also reinforced our new strategic relationship with our origination and servicing partner Financeit. Andrew provided thoughtful and objective advice to Concentra throughout the process, and was essential to its successful conclusion. I would highly recommend White Point Capital to other business leaders as they seek independent, confidential and expert advice on important strategic transactions."

    Dallas Marce Executive Vice President, Concentra Bank